Encouraging wild birds to your garden

by | 29 January 2021 | Retford, Wildlife, Worksop

For all of us who love to go out into the countryside and spend time with nature, whether that’s just a pleasant stroll in a country park or a more focused birdwatching expedition, restrictions on our movements imposed in the name of coronavirus can prove very difficult.
There are ways though of encouraging nature to come to us. Have you got a bird feeder in your garden? It’s surprising how many birds you can attract by putting one out. I was inspired recently to learn that, in a year, one Retford garden had attracted almost a 1,000 birds of 34 different varieties. As well as the usual suspects, lots of blackbirds, house sparrows and starlings, there were surprising numbers of greenfinches and dunnocks (we used to call them hedge sparrows), as well as a few rarer visitors including eight whitethroats, a tree sparrow and a brambling. How do we know that there were so many? The gardener is one of those dedicated bird ringers who have done so much to chart the fortunes of our native birds and identify threats and challenges to their survival. He ringed each one of those many birds himself!
If you haven’t got one already, get yourself a bird feeder and some seed and park it where you can see it from the house. If you have got one, check it’s clean. All the rain we’ve had can get in and start the seed growing, then it’s no good. You should soon have some visiting birds eager for a take-away!
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