Eaton community project boosted by grant

by | 31 January 2021 | Community facility, Retford

Residents of Eaton are delighted to have been awarded a £10,000 grant to help fund the installation of a kitchen and toilet at their village church to enable it to better serve its community. Broadcaster and journalist Huw Edwards, Vice President of The National Churches Trust, said: “The UK’s historic churches and chapels are a vital part of our national heritage and have done so much to help local people during the COVID-19 lockdown. But to survive, many need to carry out urgent repairs and install modern facilities. The cost of this work is far beyond what most congregations can pay for themselves. So I’m delighted that All Saints church in Eaton is being helped with a £10,000 National Churches Trust Cornerstone Grant”.
With no village hall, pub or other indoor public space in the village, residents of Eaton have been fundraising since 2016 to adapt their church to create a usable and accessible community hub, and now have £35,000 in place. As a more usable community space, the church building will become a much-needed hub for village events, meetings, clubs and social activities whilst still being used for worship. Residents are aiming to raise the remaining £15,000 by the summer so that the project can be completed this autumn.
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