East Markham WI

by | 14 July 2021 | Retford, Social Group, WI

At the May meeting of East Markham WI, members welcomed villager Bill Arthur, a print and broadcast journalist to talk about his career. Hailing from Lincolnshire he started work as a junior reporter at the Sheffield Star, before working in Barnsley and then radio stations in Newcastle and Liverpool before joining TV-AM and Sky Sports, where he worked for 20 years including time as a freelance and this has taken him to many major sporting events around the world.
On moving to East Markham, Bill became involved with the East Markham Gazette, the village newsletter, eventually taking over from the Hardys and now co-editing it with Oliver Pridmore. He believes that radio and the written word connect better with people than TV and that is what he likes about the Gazette, it is local news and events for local people. There were many questions from members, which Bill was pleased to answer at length.
June saw the group’s first get together of members since February 2020, with an outdoor social and on the usual meeting night a Zoom talk about the Chesterfield Canal. Subject to all restrictions having been lifted, it is planned that meetings in the Village Hall will resume in July, with a musical evening. New members and visitors are always welcome, for more information call 01777 871567 or email eastmarkhamsec@nottswi.org.uk.