Dukeries Community Band

by | 12 February 2019 | Hobbies, Music, Retford, Sherwood, Worksop

The Dukeries Community Band are delighted to announce a Band Playalong Day which will take place on Saturday 9th March at the Dukeries Academy, New Ollerton. The Playalong will be open to woodwind, brass and percussion players of grade 3 and above and is open to students of secondary school age and adults. This is an opportunity for school musicians to extend their musical experience and for adults who would like to return to playing an instrument they may have learned in the past.

A programme of suitable music will be selected from the band’s library, dependent on the numbers and standard of those applying. The Playalong will consist of rehearsals and a short concert for friends and family at the end of the day at which all players should be able to perform.

The Community Band are offering their services free of charge for the day, so there will be no charge to those attending. All that is required is a completed application form and a commitment to the Playalong.

The Playalong begins at 10.00am with all participants expected to be in attendance by 9.30am. Full details are included on the application form. The short concert will commence at 3.00pm.

Application forms and further information can be obtained by writing to dukeriescommband@btinternet.com or by calling 07939 967695. The closing date for applications is 19th February.