Doris Banham Dog Rescue Centre

by | 17 September 2020 | Gainsborough, Local Charity, Pets, Retford

Reader Tracey Sisson has asked us to share her wonderful experience with Doris Banham Dog Rescue Centre, Cottam:
“I would like to let people know about this wonderful kennels. They take the death row dogs and the dogs that are really on their last chance of life for various reasons. Their full details are on their website, and they also have a Facebook page. 100% of all donations go to caring for their dogs. They never, ever, give up on a dog and never put one down.
I would really encourage anyone looking for a dog to visit their website to see if they have someone suitable. I want to share my recent experience to illustrate just how dedicated and kind everyone at Doris Banham is.
On Friday 20th June, after vetting, we took into our hearts and home the delightful 12-year-old Ronnie, a Staffie. After a week or so he was having severe diarrhoea, so off to the vets we went. Several tests later, it transpired that my poor boy had a heart murmur (not a problem), a lump on his liver and possible Cushing’s Syndrome. No one at Doris Banham was aware of these problems when he came to us. As his future looked very bleak, and one of the conditions for rehoming was to let the kennels know if euthanasia was considered (it was a possibility), I contacted Tom at Doris Banham to let him know, as a courtesy. What transpired next was incredible and totally unexpected.
Tom rang me back to tell me they were getting involved in Ronnie’s care. After sending Ronnie’s details over to their own vets, the Ark in Essex, they took him there to see what they could do to help him. He returned with medication to help his conditions. The Ark found he had got two lumps on his liver, but due to his age (he’s now 13) they were reluctant to operate, so they are trying tablets to see if they shrink the lumps. If they do, we can manage his condition with the tablets, but if not there is a good chance they are cancerous, so we will then have to have a discussion as to the way forward. The most incredible part about this, apart from their willingness to help, is that they are paying for it all. It has cost me nothing. Bear in mind that this is a kennels that are struggling to keep their heads above water, they are pulling all the stops out to help my boy.
This is something they do for all their dogs; Ronnie isn’t a special case. So thank you from the bottom of my heart to Trudi, Tom, Richard, Lorna and everyone else involved in Doris Banham. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for your kindness to my boy and my family.”
Tracey, Ronnie’s mum