Do you believe in coincidence?

by | 17 June 2021 | Local Charity, Retford

Do you believe in coincidence? I was at a meeting of the local St Vincent de Paul Society (SVP) recently, when one member started telling the group about someone who needed a few basic items of furniture and did not have the means to buy any. One of the other members said, “Well I know of a family who are about to move to another house, and they were telling me that they couldn’t possibly take all their furniture”.
Well after discussions, phone calls, and the help of a good friend with a van, we were able to join the dots. In total we relocated a double bed, some bedding and a wardrobe, which was desperately needed, and a table and chairs.
We also heard of a young family in dire straits, who like so many of us recently, had lost an income, and were desperately seeking a means to provide for their baby. Another SVP member said, “I have just been given several baby items. Someone asked me a few weeks ago if we could use them.” Another coincidence? We were enormously grateful, of course, to the people kind enough to donate these items, and to the van driver, and to all the SVP volunteers who helped with loading and unloading it all.
When there is so much need, we cannot possibly address it all, but the SVP does what it can where it can. And although it might not make a big difference worldwide, it makes a huge difference to someone down on their luck. And we are always thrilled to welcome new volunteers. Don’t worry, it’s not all about moving furniture from A to B! Everyone has something to offer, friendship, company, a listening ear, a prayer maybe.
If you would like to contact Retford SVP, call 07795 285424 You will be treated confidentially and with respect.

Sally Hill