Daneshill Lakes Local Nature Reserve

by | 21 May 2020 | Community facility, Retford, Wildlife

Well! What an experience, but no more to be said! In the meantime, wildlife has been going on as usual at Daneshill Lakes Local Nature Reserve. Thank goodness for Mother Nature.

The car park is now open – owners of the reserve, Nottinghamshire County Council, unlocked the gates on 12th May after a lockdown of this very popular beauty spot. Visitors are, of course, asked to be sensible about social distancing for the time being but we are all accustomed to that and recognise its importance.

Back to the wildlife. While our backs have been turned there has been a dearth of new life. Both Canada and Greylag Geese are créching their fluffy yellow goslings, Mallard ducklings are growing fast and the ‘only a mother could love’ chicks of Coot and Moorhen are skulking through the bankside undergrowth of the ponds and lakes.

Trees are now fully dressed in their new leaves. It’s worth taking a closer look at the huge variety of shapes and shades of green. Wild flowers too are in abundance. Yellow Flag Iris lines the lake banks bringing sunshine even on cloudy days. Bramble, the deep pink flowers of Rosa rugosa, yellow Common Bird’s-foot Trefoil, aptly called the ‘eggs and bacon’ plant, pink Herb Robert and the yellow Wood Avens can all be found, attracting bees and butterflies, such as the dancing Speckled Wood and the violet blue Common Blue.

There’s so much to see, do and sniff at Daneshill Lakes and with the lengthening days what could be better, and more calming, than an evening stroll around the Main Lake. Enjoy.

Please be aware that if you are exercising your dog to keep it on a close lead so as not to disturb the young birds and other wildlife. Thank you. For further information please contact the Friends of Daneshill Lake’s secretary Lesley Noar on daveandlesnoar@outlook.com or 01777 818362, or see www.friendsofdaneshilllakes.btck.co.uk.