Climbing Ben Nevis

by | 19 June 2018 | Local Charity, Retford, Support Group

“I’m going to climb Ben Nevis and see if I can raise some funds for the Wednesday Group.” So, said Andy Jones, who’s been bringing his mum to the group for several years. That unbelievably generous offer left the group’s members speechless — but not for long. The organisers were soon discussing what they’d do with any money Andy managed to raise.

The group has thought about getting a Boccia team organised for some time. Boccia is an indoor bowls game that is suitable for older people and offers positive benefits for people with dementia. It is relatively easy to learn and, a research project in Nottingham showed that it is mentally and physically stimulating for people with dementia who spoke of the benefits of being able to go in a sequence and to have something to focus their minds on. It is a game carers can join in too so, beneficial for all parties. Furthermore, it is a Paralympic sport and as there are competitive league games the Wednesday Group can be as ambitious as they wish. Some introductory sessions have already been organized with Sian Kirk of Bassetlaw District Council and then the group shall need to buy a Boccia set and some disability accessories to make it viable for all their members.

Andy has done a lot to support the group and has always been appreciative of their efforts. His offer was a fantastic vote of confidence that means a lot to all the volunteers. Hopefully, it will enable the group to buy the Boccia kit and after that, the sky’s the limit!

If you’d like to support Andy Jones on his climb up Ben Nevis you can find his JustGiving page at All money raised will go to the Wednesday Group to support people with dementia and their carers. For more information about the group call Jan on 01777 709974.