Clarborough & Welham Parish Council

by | 22 December 2020 | Community facility, Retford

Clarborough and Welham Parish Council has been pressing Bassetlaw and Nottinghamshire councils to invest in flood prevention work. A ‘big’ scheme to divert flood water away from the Main Street is still under development. In the meantime, Nottinghamshire County Council has supported work to improve the catchment area. This includes leaky-damns, bunds and possibly planting of trees. This natural flood management (NFM) is being implemented in several areas of the country and is expected here to slow down the rate of water entering Howbeck, the source of flooding in the past.
Walkers will be delighted that the Market Hill path has been repaired and is again open. The walk from Welham Road Crossing to The Baulk is a beautiful stretch of the greenway network in and around the parish. The County Council has been asked for advice to stop the track being broken up by inappropriate use.