Church matters and so do you!

by | 18 June 2019 | Notice, Retford

The local PCC (Parochial Church Council) would like to bring the following details to your attention! The local church has been notified by the Diocese of Southwell and Nottingham that it intends to sell the Vicarage in Sutton cum Lound. The property, which is owned by the Diocese and not the local church, has been used as a vicarage for over 40 years on and off.

St Bartholomew’s has responded to the Diocese making clear its objections and concerns. It comes at a time when the local church is trying to raise money for a building project to install a toilet and kitchen. The local church wants to reassure the local community that this decision is a Diocese one rather than a local one. The church does not own the property so all proceeds from the sale will go to the Diocese rather than to the church in Sutton cum Lound.

A request has been made that if the house is to be sold then the Diocese should consider making a donation to the local church and the building project. The church has also pointed out to the Diocese that the church has an active set of church bells and any potential new resident will not be able to interfere with this village tradition. This venue is part of our local, if not national, heritage and is a great asset to a large majority of the local community and it is hoped that parishioners will show their support for the work being undertaken by the PCC on their behalf.