Cameron Holt elected new Member of Youth Parliament for Bassetlaw

by | 17 May 2024 | Children's Group, Notice, Retford

“Last month, I received the fantastic news that I had become Bassetlaw’s Member of Youth Parliament (MYP) for the next two years. However, this did not come easy. I did not simply gain votes, instead: I had to win them.

Weeks prior to the election, I visited nine primary schools and shared my campaign video with all five of the area’s secondary schools. By doing this, I could inform Bassetlaw’s youth of my manifesto, and why I felt that I would be the best MYP for them. I pledged that by voting for me, Cameron Holt, you would be opting for a period of change, and a time when the youth’s voice in Bassetlaw would be amplified.

Specifically, my manifesto included: increasing time spent learning about finances and taxation in secondary schools; reducing and removing the price of sanitary products; increasing leisure facilities available for the youth in Bassetlaw; and reducing litter in our area. These are the topics that I feel most passionate about, and are issues that directly affect the youth. Thankfully, the news arose that I had emerged victorious from the election!

Due to the size of the county, only four Members of Youth Parliament positions are allocated to Nottinghamshire’s seven constituencies, and the remaining areas gain a deputy. However, I had received enough votes to earn me one of the four coveted MYP spots, and with this my very own seat in the House of Commons!

This is a tremendous achievement for Bassetlaw, as it now means that the youth of our area will be represented to the highest possible level. Within my role as MYP, I have the chance to do many things: meet regularly with our local MP; engage with Bassetlaw’s young people; run campaigns; hold debates; and ensure that the youth’s opinions are valued by decision makers. These roles are crucial to the support and power of young people, and are key to democracy in our country.

Towards the end of this year, all Members of Youth Parliament from across England assemble in the House of Commons in order to debate the thoughts and feelings of the UK’s youth. The topic of this year’s debate is ‘Health and Wellbeing’ having gaining 85,976 votes from young people in the nationwide ‘Make Your Mark’ ballot.

I am really excited to see what impact I can make in my two year tenure as MYP. I recognise that many of my manifesto points will be arduous to act on, but this should never be a reason to avoid something. It is with this outlook that I embark on what I hope will be a positive period of change for Bassetlaw. Together we will ensure that the youth is heard louder than ever before!

Should you wish to contact your local MYP, please email To keep up to date with my progress and work, please follow me on Instagram and X on @cameronholtmyp.”