Bassetlaw Twinning Association

by | 15 January 2022 | Group meeting, Heritage, Hobbies, Notice, Retford, Social Group

Bassetlaw’s twin towns are Aurillac, France; Garbsen and Pfungstadt, Germany; Farmers Branch, USA.

Bassetlaw Twinning Association (BTA) has remained active during the COVID pandemic, albeit in a limited way. They have kept contact with committee members through newsletters, and with the twin towns via invitations to Zoom committee meetings and through personal friendships.

The intention is to reinstate the exchanges; the BTA and the European groups are looking forward to this when all feel it is safe to do so.  The BTA has missed visits from its counterparts, entertaining and sharing hospitality with them, as well as showing off the beauty of Bassetlaw and surrounding areas. It goes without saying they have also missed engaging in the reciprocal arrangements they have traditionally enjoyed with their counterparts!

A small group from the BTA met with the Worksop Petanque group and have made plans to link with them for a social event in the spring, as well as hoping to include them in future exchange activities. The Association is planning events and activities for 2022 in accordance with COVID guidance and will publicise these when agreed.

The AGM is in Worksop Town Hall in the Assembly Room (upstairs) at 7.00pm on Monday 24th January. There will be an outside speaker after the business part of the meeting. There will be simple refreshments provided.

They are always keen to welcome new members and would be happy to talk to anyone who is interested in joining. For further information please contact BTA Chair Pat Durrant on 01909 486499 or email, or visit