Back to school

by | 23 August 2021 | Local Charity, Retford, Support Group

Most mums are acutely aware that the next week or so is the time when they are wondering if the school uniforms that their children have been wearing will still be wearable for in September. This decision making is absolutely essential if the child is moving up to ‘big’ school. The whole process can be a bit of a nightmare and can be really expensive, especially when you include blazers, shoes, sports kit and stationery. And no one wants to send their little ones, or even their not so little ones, off to their first day of a new term, looking shabby, or in clothes that don’t fit.
These days many families are struggling. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. COVID has meant some people have been unable to work due to illness, and families who have lost their incomes because firms have had to close. The last thing anyone wants is that the children should suffer as a result.
The St Vincent de Paul Society (SVP) in Retford has made school uniforms one of its priorities over the last few weeks. They have just helped 52 children from 40 local families with vouchers for brand new school uniforms, including shoes. Their president also asked one of our local schools if they could collect the lost property, to see if it was of any use to anyone. She ended up with three large bags of clothing that seemingly had no owners. She has laundered it all, and will make it available for sale at very low prices, to anyone who might need it.
It is not too late to contact them if you are struggling to find the money for school uniforms. See SVP Retford on Facebook for more information on the school uniform they have available.
If you have issues with hardship or loneliness and want to get in touch with SVP in Retford, or if you would like to join them, just call 07795 285424. You will always be treated with respect and confidentiality.