Athletics, pancakes, cave maze and fun in the woods

by | 18 July 2021 | Children's Group, Retford

The month of May started with the athletics badge on the programme for both Cubs and Scouts at 7th Retford Scout Group, spread over two weeks. The Scouts went home dirty and wet having had a fun evening on a homemade assault course. Unfortunately, the following night, the session for the Cubs had to be deferred due to the inclement weather, so instead they had an indoor session getting creative with Hama beads. The following week the Scouts were back to complete the rest of the athletics badge and the Cubs took part in various athletic activities and the second half of the session; they too had fun on an easier version of the assault course.
The third week of May saw both sections cooking pancakes, learning to work together, following a list of instructions and then cooking and eating their pancakes.
They Scouts ended the month with a fun evening in an indoor cave maze that was constructed by the group’s leaders, Young Leaders and a DofE volunteer. They had to memorise things and write down what they found in the cave maze working in pairs. The Cubs went up to Babworth Woods and took part in a blindfold trail, again working in pairs. This teaches them to trust their partner, follow spoken instructions and work together.
If there is anyone else who wishes to join in the adventure at 7th Retford, please contact them via or 01777 704835 (when prompted say “Scout Group”). Alternatively, contact Nottinghamshire County Scouts office for details of your local groups on 0115 952 3617 or via