Another set back?

by | 25 September 2020 | Retford, Support Group

Just as the Wednesday (Memory) Group thought they might be able to arrange some limited meetings for members, the number of people with coronavirus in the area begins to rise again and so many are feeling apprehensive about how much contact with people beyond our own household is safe.
It seems wise to postpone the group’s plans for a little longer until it’s clearer how they can proceed. They must also hope that the weather stays relatively fine as it’s safer to have meetings outdoors and also it’s permitted to have six people meeting rather than only two if indoors. However, this could change. What does seem certain at the moment is that nothing is certain. Maybe this is the new normal and the only way to get on with our lives is by observing social distancing, washing our hands frequently, wearing a mask when meeting other people and being scrupulous about hygiene.
Please do look after yourselves. They’re exploring all possibilities for getting together and they look forward to meeting their Wednesday Group friends again just as soon as they think it’s safe enough.
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