A sound that calls out your inner fire

by | 30 May 2024 | Music, Retford

The Stone Black Witches started with local Retfordian Brian Smith. Sparked by a week-long shut away demo session, the project quickly grew into something bigger when Brian, at random, flew into friend and bassist, Quinn Kyle. After listening to the demos, Quinn joined Brian and they began rehearsing at the Methodist Church on Grove Street. Swiftly garnering the attention of local musicians, the pair were joined by Jan Kowski and Ryan French.

As soon as all four played together, it was like dark sorcery filled the room. They immediately played through songs flawlessly, that resulted in a unanimous cackle reverberating through the walls of the holy building.

The coven was gathered, The Stone Black Witches were born and the members are:

  • Brian Smith: Guitar and Vocals
  • Quinn Kyle: Bass and Vocals
  • Ryan French: Tambourine and Percussion
  • Jan Kowski: Drums


Brian was not alone, however, during the conception of Stone Black Witches. During the week-long shut away demo session, Brian was visited by old friend Brandon Clark. Both had played in a band together previously that had played semi high profile gigs such as Sheffield’s Tramlines. Brian and Brandon’s relationship had become strained due to Brian’s continuing obsession with the occult, and despite the charm they conjured up once the other members fell into place like puzzle pieces, Clark soon left the outfit due to reasons unknown.

Now a band of four, the Witches have already gathered a following among Retford and beyond. Talk of their seemingly supernatural performances have been shared and their popularity seems to be growing rapidly. Keep a weather eye while you’re out and about, you just might see a real life Witch!

But the town has no need to be nervous, Brian is a self proclaimed sixties and seventies rock revivalist, and only intends to promote peace, love and acceptance while simultaneously sparking that inner confidence and fire that lives within us all.


Although channelling the blues rock indie dynamism of the likes of The Rolling Stones, Oasis and latter Beatles, The Stone Black Witches don’t hesitate to push the boundaries of modern rock and roll, with heavy fuzz riffs and blistering guitar solos screaming through amplifiers. Brian’s smooth yet gritty rhythmic vocals are accompanied ever so faultlessly by the bands up tempo swing and cadence.

Inciting a contagious bop among all listeners, the rock outfit have an uncanny ability to get you smiling while you dance away.

Whether it’s Brian’s tongue in cheek humour, Quinn’s sunshine personality, Jan’s unrelenting beats or Ryan’s cool hold over the audience, there’s something about this band that feels new, feels mystical.


The Stone Black Witches caused chaos in Rondo lounge one Friday night in March, shouting profanity’s during songs and playing past the fixed finish time at the request of patrons. The outfit seemed to have the entire pub under some form of hex, enchanting everyone inside as soon as they hit the stage.

The town grows in nervous excitement as the ‘witches of the black stone’ (in their own words) prepare for another show of controversial wickedness in the near future. Keep your protection amulets close.

Watch out for ‘The Witches of The Black Stone’ (in their own words) this summer, playing shows in and around Retford.

Get enchanted via Instagram: @stoneblackwitchesofficial and Facebook: The Stone Black Witches