A little bit of what you fancy at The Wednesday Group

by | 25 September 2018 | Retford, Support Group

Wednesday Group meetings tend to follow a familiar pattern; members have a chat over coffee or tea and biscuits, play a game or two of bingo — stiff competition here for the (not so) big prizes. This is followed by a quiz — we’re often amazed by the obscure things people know! And then it’s lunch and more time to chat. After lunch people tend to split into groups and choose their own activity. Some are devoted to Triominoes, a diabolical game that is rather like dominoes but requires a brain like a computer to play. The pieces are triangular so there are four numbers to match instead of the usual two.

Another favourite is boccia. This is for the slightly more active although you don’t have to be an athlete, but an eye for the ball and a bit of co-ordination is an advantage. The group has certainly got some formidable boccia players and I’m expecting the competition to be even fiercer when the group has its own boccia set and a chute to help the less agile ones.

A creative group is for people who like to do a spot of art or craft work. They sometimes like to relax and do colouring but recently they made some very pretty paper flowers. The group has lots of other games and activities as well as regular visitors including their sing-a-long lady, Pat, who gets everyone joining in and some members up and dancing. They hope they’ve got something for everyone so if you think the Wednesday Group might be for you, call and try it out. Your first visit is free so you’ve nothing to lose and may gain some new friends!
For more information about the Wednesday Group contact Jan on 01777 709974.