Retford Little Theatre

by | 20 January 2018 | Performing Arts

Quite often, members of the Little Theatre audience suggest that plays they have seen elsewhere, might just go down well with a Retford audience.

This was the case last year when a Retford Little Theatre regular visited his family in the USA and saw a play at the local theatre there. Because he had enjoyed the play so much, he contacted the Retford theatre on his return to the UK, and recommended it.

The play in question, The Perfect Murder, takes to the Little Theatre stage for a week from 26th January.
Many fans of detective fiction will have read the books by Peter James featuring his detective Roy Grace. They have proved to be extremely popular. So far there have been 13 full length novels and one short novella (The Perfect Murder).

The plot cleverly combines lighter moments with serious issues such as marital unhappiness and infidelity. The characters’ problems become so unbearable that there is murder in mind. But in whose mind? Who is the intended victim? And is the audience as well as Detective Roy Grace being led firmly and surely up the garden path?

This promises to be an intriguing evening during which all the members of the audience will have their own solutions. It remains to be seen if any of the solutions are correct!