The Dukeries Singers

by | 21 December 2020 | Hobbies, Music

Welcome to winter and a quotation from Marie Huston: “The gardening season officially begins on January 1st and ends on December 31st”. So, if like me, you fortunately have a garden, you still have a few more weeks to finish your autumn clearing. Good luck with that! Even with help, we are still waiting for decent weather that will allow our lush green meadow to be transformed into a lawn – in December? Mmmmmm!

In previous years at this time, the Dukeries Singers would already have donned their posh black outfits and bling and already have given a variety of Christmas performances to rapturous applause from their appreciative audiences. The festive season is truly one of our favourite times to sing. There is such a huge choice of really beautiful music dedicated to this time of year and we do love to entertain. We are so disappointed that we are unable to do our usual magic and bring our music to lift spirits and celebrate this special time. I would encourage you to sing along to Christmas on the radio, TV, CD, YouTube, phone and all the other gadgets you may have.

By now we have been under tighter restrictions for several weeks and I truly hope we are now in a safer and more healthy place. As a choir, we are looking forward to meeting up again and enjoying our rehearsals and friendship. I’m certain we are all looking towards a more normal life. Until then our contact details are our website, our email address is, our concert secretary Margaret on 01623 642464 or 07896 491314. We are also on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.
And a shortened poem by Jean Kenward

I heard Sir Winter coming
He crept out of his bed
And rubbed his thin and freezing hands;
“I’ll soon be up!” he said.
“Oho! How you will shiver!”
And then I heard him say;
“But in the middle of it all
I’ll give you
Christmas Day