Headon Village Hall

by | 4 September 2018 | Music

Founded two years ago by a bunch of local musicians who were looking out for an opportunity to showcase their various talents, The Limited Ability Band are to join the increasingly select list of artists who have been chosen to appear at Headon Village Hall.

Bob, his son Mark, Keith, Roy, Steve and Vanessa play a whole host of instruments, guitar, mandolin, banjo, bass, drums, keyboards and of course vocals. They will play in Headon on Saturday 8th September at 7.30pm.
A Doncaster cancer charity is to benefit from all profits from the concert, to give thanks for the treatment received by the wife of a band member.

They are quite a versatile ensemble playing country and western, folk, favourites old and new. There may even be a sing-along! For tickets and more details call Dave Burton on 01777 248085 or email jimsdad7@btinternet.com.