Retford Lions Club

by | 10 April 2020 | Lions

Wild February weather holds things back in our gardens but spring flowers are determined and appearing in places. Chances are Daffodils along the road verges in our locality were planted by Retford Lions at some time. It’s estimated about 75,000 bulbs have been planted in the last 25 years. A small outlay and a bit of effort digging each October means March is payback time and we see that welcoming colour every spring. Lions hope the visual rewards are enjoyed across our community environment!

Last month we advised that Retford Lions provided a trike for a disabled boy, and Richard Carr of Bike Pedlars Retford, stepped up to source, provide support, and sound advice, then built the bike and delivered it too. Richard also maintained the bike free of charge, suggesting that when it was no longer required he would refurbish it for another disabled person when needed. The bike was returned, and Richard again stepped in again. He collected and refurbished it so that Retford Lions could provide it to Dylan, another disabled person. Retford Lions are very grateful to Richard for his kindness and support to those most in need in our community.

Retford Lions have presented a commemorative plaque after the recent donation of equipment and furnishings to a palliative care room at Bassetlaw Hospital ATC ward.