The Inner Wheel Club of Retford

by | 18 July 2019 | Inner Wheel

The Inner Wheel Club of Retford welcomed visitors once more to their last meeting and they are looking forward to the new Inner Wheel year which starts in July — when the visitors will become their newest members.

Last month the speaker was Janette Walker who spoke about recycling, blue bins and fly tipping. In Bassetlaw there is one of the highest numbers of fly tipping rates that local councils have to deal with, yet our waste is already dealt with very efficiently and the council is also very happy to take items away for a small fee.

In July, it is the month of The Inner Wheel’s AGM and is a time of reflection on activities carried out by club members, to share friendship and to give service both within the club and in our daily lives. The list of service activities grows longer and includes helping in charity shops, Bassetlaw Food Bank, Messy Church, Light Bites, RSPCA dog walking, S VP for the elderly, Athletics Official, cooking for Aurora, hospice volunteers, church lector and music, U3A, Civic Society and prisons’ Independent Monitoring Boards.

This year, the club has donated approximately £2,500 to UK and local charities, covering a wide variety of needs for the young, the disabled and the elderly as well as different medical research. They have also donated Christmas Boxes to the women’s refuge and items to the special food bank collections. The international team has contributed to disasters and raised funds through market stalls and there are still events to be held, such as the final frog race fundraiser for the disabled. The toilet twinning project has so far produced four toilets in Sierra Leone, Malawi, Zambia and the Congo. One of them used very large leaves as privacy screens.

If you see the club’s banner anywhere, please do go along and find out more about the Inner Wheel or pick up a few bargains at their stalls. Their president, Natalie, expresses her thanks to all those who have supported them in any way and will be leading the club through their new 2019/20 year.