Sutton and Barnby Moor Gardening Club

by | 17 July 2020 | Gardening Club

It seems ages ago since the Sutton and Barnby Moor Gardening Club last met on Tuesday 3rd March. This was the occasion of the club’s AGM. Due to coronavirus, and following government advice, the club decided to postpone meetings until further notice.

The present chairperson, Jenny Bailey, welcomed everyone to the event and gave a brief outline of the club’s progress over the last 12 months. Those present were provided with a copy of the agenda plus the latest financial statement. The usual reports were given by the chairperson, followed by the treasurer’s report, and were explained in detail to members. A suggestion to raise the annual subscription from £12.00 to £15.00 per annum was put to the gathering and was unanimously accepted. This was mainly due to the increased costs of invited speakers at monthly meetings. The present committee then stood down, to allow for the formation of a new committee. With no nomination put forward, the former committee were asked if they were prepared to stand again. They agreed to stand en-bloc for a further 12 months and this was ratified from the floor and much appreciated by the membership. On the conclusion of the official business members were invited to remain for wine and nibbles and refreshments, with an opportunity to purchase garden paraphernalia and plants donated. A few vacancies still remain within the group, with 28 out 31 members attending on the night places are filling up quite quickly. This is due to the efforts of the officers and committee members working on behalf of the club.

During the lockdown period the officers of the club have made numerous contact with members, enquiring about general health and making sure that everyone was as well as possible during this strenuous time. Again, this was very much appreciated by the group and was a great moral booster. Members are already busy in their gardens and looking forward to the next time the club can meet safely and exchange views and news about their gardens, which are their pride and joy and have been a sanctuary for many during this very trying period.

For details about the club and its activities please contact Jenny Bailey on 01777 708155. New members and visitors are always welcome.