Viva la Misterton

by | 4 July 2018 | Gainsborough, Notice

Things are on the up out at Misterton — the village is home to award-winning Gainsborough gardener Barry Allen. In fact, things are so much on the up that Barry is flying with his latest piece of garden artwork… a model replica of the iconic passenger air liner aeroplane Concorde.

“I chose to construct the French Concorde over the English version,” Barry says “After the fire on board, followed by the crash and loss of life on French soil, all manufacture and investment ground down eventually to a stop. The Concorde era of both countries was over.”

Barry added: “Concorde will always be remembered and never forgotten, its chic lines and supersonic speeds made it an aviation masterpiece of design way ahead of its time.”
Meanwhile, back in Misterton in Barry’s small plot of English garden, the Air France Concorde has an everlasting memorial.

“Viva la Misterton,” is the shout from Barry. Plane crazy I ask you or supersonically talented? Either way, we salute you and we rather think you may be both.