Trent Bridge, Gainsborough

by | 13 March 2021 | Gainsborough, Hobbies

Gainsborough’s Trent Bridge is the focus of the latest photograph we’re printing by reader Tom Ellis.
He had uploaded this image on a memory group on Facebook and it was well received. The photo (in Facebook terminology) had received 123 reactions, of which 117 were likes.
Alongside the photo he sent us these fascinating facts to print.
William Weston engineered the bridge, 230 years ago. One hundred and thirty-seven of those years was when it was mandatory for you to pay a toll, to cross the county line. The toll was abolished in 1932.
Because of the way the river flows, the river is the natural border between Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire. There were two toll houses on the Lincolnshire side, which are still in existence to the present day albeit defunct.
At an incredible length of 298km, the river is the third longest in the UK. It starts at Biddulph Moor in Staffordshire and joins the River Humber before the river flows out in to the North Sea.
The bridge measures 26ft (8m) in width and 328ft (100m) in length and is a Grade II listed building. It was first listed in 1953.