The Arts Society Gainsborough and District

by | 29 November 2022 | Art, Gainsborough, Hobbies

The Arts Society Gainsborough and District’s November lecture was given by Shauna Isaacs and titled ‘How To Steal a Million’.

Shauna, an art historian who has been actively involved in the restitution and recovery of Nazi looted art, looked at some famous art thefts and discussed what motivates art thieves, often a very particular reason, examining aspects the thefts might have in common. Explaining how, in some cases, burglars made mistakes, enabling investigators to recover stolen masterpieces. In many cases, the police sting operations were just as daring as the thefts.

In upcoming lectures, on Thursday 1st December Ghislaine Howard will present ‘The Cuisine of Art and the Art of Cuisine’, and then on Thursday 2nd February Barbara Askew’s talk will be ‘Happy and Glorious’.

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