Rotary: it can be fun

by | 30 May 2021 | Gainsborough, Rotary

Do you ever wonder what Rotary does? Rotary Gainsborough currently has three groups of people – people of all ages and abilities working away for the benefit of those who are less fortunate. These groups are also working at trying to improve life in general for the community.
Their groups are the Gainsborough Rotary Volunteers, The Rotary Gainsborough Satellite Club and the main club known as The Rotary Club of Gainsborough. But being a Rotarian is not about the name of your club, it is about how you can assist in making things that little bit better for others.
The volunteers are there whenever a Rotary event is taking place. These valuable people come together and help make it a success. Their help ensures that the event runs like clockwork for the benefit of those who come along. The club’s Fireworks and Bonfire and the Annual Pedal Car Grand Prix are prime examples of how volunteers help to make a success. All they do is give up their time to ensure the event is successful. You must have seen them at work at these events. There is no financial outlay involved in becoming a Rotary volunteer, all the club need is the time you can give them.
The Satellite Club is an offshoot of the main club and it’s for those who do not want the full on structured rulings that the main club has to adhere to. It is a semi- structured club, so has less formality and is a good way of getting involved with the main club. Many main club members have entered the Rotary world due to membership of the Satellite Club. It’s a good way of getting to know about Rotary and how the main club works and is a fun group that is very important to the Rotary world.
The main club, aka The Rotary Club of Gainsborough, is where these groups are co-ordinated and where all major decisions are taken. Ideas are put forward by members of all three groups and are considered by the main club before being acted upon. It is also responsible for all club funds and the allocation of monies to any deserving cause within the town. This is why the main club has a more structured and formal way of working – it has to answer to higher authorities in the Rotary world. But it is still a lot of fun.
Rotary is all about having fun together while events are planned and carried out. This is a synopsis of what Rotary Gainsborough is all about. With this in mind, could you see yourself as a member of any of the groups? If you need more information then do not hesitate to contact Rotary in Gainsborough via or call 07774 663917. They are sure you will find Rotary is fun and the rewards are obvious in knowing that you have done something to enhance the lives of others in the community.