Project NightWatch

by | 27 November 2020 | Gainsborough, Local Charity, Support Group

A new project set up by Gainsborough charity Bearded Fishermen is seeking donations to fund its work to support mental health awareness and suicide prevention. Project NightWatch is a collaboration between the charity and our emergency services. Their NightWatch teams will be patrolling known suicide spots locally, looking and assisting in missing person cases, and attending call outs to attempted suicides alongside the emergency services.

They aim to be able to prevent loss of life in many of the county’s hotspots, with the public’s help for information on sighting and families providing vital information.

They can only do this with your help and they are asking for any donation, big or small, to help to keep their services going when they are very much needed. You can donate via their JustGiving page at
The Bearded Fishermen charity was set up to support mental health awareness and suicide prevention. They run a 24/7 call centre from Mercury House in Gainsborough, supporting people with mental health issues, disabilities and suicide prevention. They also have a food share program that will supply extra food to those that need help and they help the street sleepers around the county with food and clothing.
All their work is funded by donations and support from local businesses and the community. The charity have been growing very quick and now have 15 volunteers working with them. For more information on Project NightWatch see