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by | 31 October 2023 | Education and Learning, Gainsborough, Hobbies, Social Group, U3A

U3a values older people for their wealth of experience and knowledge. Around the world, age is viewed differently from country to country. The Japanese, for example, accept age and celebrate the changing years of their lives. The age of 60 is known as kanreki, derived from the words ‘kan’ (return) and ‘reki’ (calendar). Simplified this means to start over or rebirth, which instils respect and recognition of wisdom.

At Lindsey u3a, members try to have a positive approach to life and embrace a ‘can do’ culture whatever their age. Their motto ‘learn, laugh and live’ says it all – so whether you’re retired or semi-retired, visit one of their general meetings to see what u3a is all about.

The group meets at Welton Village Hall on the first Thursday of the month. Doors open for a cuppa and a biscuit at 9.45am followed by a speaker at 10.30am. If you decide to go along for a look, tell someone on reception you are new and a friendly greeter will show you round.

The next meeting will be 2nd November, when Isabel Ward will entertain with ‘It’s Only Me’, a talk about her time as a warden of a housing scheme for the elderly – a light-hearted look at the characters she met, their escapades and the fun they had.

On 7th December Mark Walsh will entertain members with his ukulele and his stories of being on stage with Danny La Rue and when he ran the show at Leeds City Varieties theatre.

Lindsey u3a offers a wide range of interest groups run by members for members. Visit for more information and to see if anything appeals to you.

u3a members can also join various online talks, workshops and courses for free with their membership. You can find out more from

If you can’t attend a general meeting, you could join the group at the ‘Gardeners’ Retreat’ tearoom at Scothern Nurseries for a cuppa and a chat at 10.15am on the fourth Thursday of the month.

The next get-together will take place on 23rd November, so whether you’re a newcomer wanting to know more about Lindsey u3a or if you’re already a member and just fancy a cuppa, maybe a scone and a chat do pop along. Everyone is welcome.

Should you require any further information about Lindsey u3a please contact Mandy Murphy on 01673 565295 or