Gainsborough and District u3a

by | 31 December 2022 | Education and Learning, Gainsborough, Hobbies, Social Group, U3A

Gainsborough and District u3a’s trip to Harewood to see the lights and the Christmas party took place in early December, and if it proved to be a success, they may well repeat this kind of social event during the summer instead of the normal speaker.
The speaker in November – Richard Pullen – was very good and raised a wide range of issues about how women have been treated in Britain over the last 125 years. Amongst things that surprised members were that Queen Victoria was most unhelpful to the cause of the Suffragettes and that they, themselves, had abandoned all action from the start of the war to support the war effort.

It would have been nice to think that all pressure groups had abandoned their complaints and got behind the government at the start of Covid. How times have changed!

Richard also drew attention to the plight of women at the end of both world wars when they were dismissed from their roles, often with little thanks for all they had done. This last aspect was clearly unforgiveable, but what would you have done with the returning armed force personnel?

A small group of members did a mystery trail round Lincoln. This proved to be great fun, involving a two-hour stroll all around the Cathedral / Castle area solving clues along the way. They were delighted to discover that they had found the correct murderer and her modus operandi.

Other groups indulged in pre-Christmas meals at various hostelries around Gainsborough, meaning the end of the year came with spirits slightly higher than this time last year.

The Thursday numbers are encouraging and the Ten Pin Bowling group has proved to be successful. All that is needed now is for a few new volunteers to join the committee in March to help introduce new interest groups! For more information see