Clarborough Village Hall

by | 15 July 2021 | Community facility, Gainsborough

At the time of writing, Clarborough and District Community Association, the registered charity that manages Clarborough Village Hall, is planning to restart regular hall booking of groups from 21st June. This is, at the time of writing in early June, still a ‘hope’ rather than definite with issues around new variants of the COVID virus still taxing the best minds.
Having said that, the COVID virus certainly hasn’t gone away and hall users – just like everyone in the wider community – will still need to take all of those precautions that we have come to take as ‘normal’, including appropriate face masks, social distancing, hand cleanliness and other sensible measures.
Clarborough and District Community Association (CDCA) has a section within Clarborough and Welham’s Community website ( within which related documents and policies can be found along with lists of groups that intend to resume once the hall reopens.
For hall bookings, call or text 07442 105268 or email