Charity Nights at The Blues Club

by | 15 January 2022 | Gainsborough, Local Charity

With 2022 now here, The Blues Club is hoping that it will turn out better than 2021 – which, as it has been for everyone, has been one of their most difficult years. Despite the impact of COVID and of smaller numbers attending the charity nights, they have still been able to help a few local charities. They cannot continue to do this good work without you, so please continue to offer your support. Why not take family and friends to charity nights? Boosting numbers will enable the group to help more charities and organisations.

The Committee (which organises the events independently of the club) has recently been able to hand over £500 to the Salvation Army Toy / Bike Appeal, £300 to the Gainsborough Christmas Day Dinner Appeal and £200 to Pet Rescue. They were hoping to donate more, but this is still a fantastic amount in a difficult year.

There is some great entertainment lined up for 2022, so get your tickets ordered! Non-members are always welcome. Please book early as it makes a big difference to the organisation of events.

The first Charity Night of 2022 at The Blues Club, Gainsborough, is Saturday 12th February, when the Club hosts top tribute act Memories of the 4 Tops. They will be supported by Emma Kelsey and Dave Brewer’s Disco, all alongside the Club’s excellent hot food supper – a great way to start 2022!

Some more dates for the diary, with more to come:
Saturday 12th March: Love-Distraction, plus Ian Marshall and disco
Saturday 2nd April: Mr Roy G Hemmings
Saturday 30th April: Spencer James
Saturday 2nd July: Crossfire
Thursday 18th August: Lady Luck
Saturday 3rd September: A-Kay Barry White tribute and Motown show
Saturday 1st October: Stolen Fridays
Saturday 22nd October: Kriz Garrick and Sharna
Saturday 12th November: Back 2 the Future
Saturday 31st December: Bus Stop Experience and Emma Kelsey

Please order your tickets through your normal channels or ring Baz (07931 762159), Steve (07759 945194) or Hank (07931 714069). For more information please find the group on Facebook.