Author pens autobiography in memory of wife who passed away shortly after childbirth

by | 28 February 2021 | Gainsborough, Notice

St Valentine’s Day is a special day for Ric Hart. It was the day he met the love of his life, Jade, in 2002. In 2015, they married in an exotic location in Thailand. And on St Valentine’s Day in 2018, Jade had her 20-week pregnancy scan and they found she was expecting Hugo.
But Jade died shortly after Hugo was born. On St Valentine’s Day this year, Ric published his second book, an autobiography that tells the story of their romance, Pupy Love.
It’s a true love story of how two people met as childhood sweethearts and managed to get over so many obstacles as they grew up but remained as one, never letting go or forgetting what brought them together in the first place.
Pupy Love is a story of tragic loss and how Ric Hart worked through his grief, finding inner strength, resilience, and hope for his and his son’s future. It is the story of the steps he took to find peace and acceptance while managing the loss of a soul mate, best friend, wife, mother of his son, and lover.
Ric said: “My autobiography tells the story of romance, our lives, but also my grief journey and stepping into lockdown as a single parent. Holding this book in my arms will do wonders for my heart and soul in memory of Jade. I have also created a Facebook page, Jade Hart Pupy Love, which will share the journey of the book and also allow readers to engage with their own thoughts and feelings on the book and Jade.
“Not only has the book allowed me to step forward in my life and share my journey with everyone, but also there are lots of people out there that are suffering, deep in grief and in yet another lockdown. I’m hoping my book can help or inspire many, allowing readers to realise there is always a way to step forward positively.”
Pupy Love is available from Amazon at £12.99 paperback or £19.99 hardcover. Waterstones, Foyles, and the Book Depository will also sell copies. All the proceeds of the book are being given to WAY (Widowed and Young), a registered charity that offers support, understanding, and friendship to the young bereaved.
This is Ric’s second book. The first lockdown in March 2020 brought many challenges but Ric found a way through. Though there was a lack of social interaction and support, he turned to writing. His first book, Hugo and Daddy’s Night-time Adventures, was written for his son, Hugo – and other young children – about bereavement. Proceeds of the book go to Cruse, the bereavement care charity. The book was published last year and is finding new readers as children and families come to terms with losing loved ones to coronavirus. Hugo and Daddy’s Night-time Adventures is in paperback, retails at £5.99, and is available from Amazon.