This girl… takes action!

by | 20 July 2021 | Children's Group, Gainsborough

Through Girlguiding Gainsborough, they aim to help develop young girls into independent young women through a variety of amazing activities, great games and badges to boast about. The programme used to aid this comes under six headings…

Be Well: mental and physical health and learning to help others
Know Myself: learning about yourself and exploring emotions and behaviours
Express Myself: developing confidence and creativity
Have Adventures: getting outside, learning new skills and overcoming fears
Skills for My Future: developing skills and looking at what their future holds
Take Action: making a positive difference in the community

You may have noticed that one of their Rainbows (aged five to seven years) has recently taken action around Gainsborough and earned her ‘Helper’ badge – by noticing the amount of dog poo not picked up.
With the help of her parents, she has created a device made from recycled milk bottles to dispense poo bags along various popular dog walks around the town, to encourage those who don’t pick up after their pet to start picking up. And they have proved to be popular!
Please make use of these fantastic devices to clean up after your dog and also, if you are able to, please replenish with poo bags.

Start your adventure
Volunteer to gain experience and skills or start your daughter’s adventure on the path to being an independent, well-rounded young woman. Find out more at, email or see their Facebook page – ‘Girlguiding Gainsborough’.