The Arts Society Dukeries

by | 18 October 2020 | Art, Hobbies

If you have an interest in the arts and would like to learn more, join the Arts Society Dukeries. They are the local group of the national arts association, The Art Society. Usually, they have monthly lecture meetings at the Civic Centre, Carlton (on the first Wednesday morning of the month, except for summer and winter breaks) and two extra, Special Interest Days of three lectures. Also, they have trips out to places of interest, newsletters, a national magazine and a holiday for members.

However, as things stand at present their normal meetings cannot take place during the COVID-19 pandemic and it may well be sometime before they will meet in person again. So, the committee have taken the decision to arrange some lectures to be held via Zoom. After successfully joining another society for their Zoom lecture on the Bayeux Tapestry and organising a lecture on stone masons and architecture in churches and the Queen’s private jewellery collection, they have organised the following. The lectures will last approximately one hour and non-members can watch for a small fee.

  • Wednesday 7th October, 10.30am for 11.00am: ‘Vauxhall le Vicomte: Versailles’ by Carole Petipher
    Vauxhall le Vicompte ‘Fit for a King’ – The inspiration behind Versailles. A tale of misplaced ambition, jealousy and betrayal. French 17th century design owes much to one man; an ambitious visionary named Nicholas Fouquet. A man little spoken of however, as he made one grave error of judgement which he would live to regret: he upstaged the young Louis XIV by employing the best creative talent of the day to commission a spectacular château for himself. The result was a radical new look for the century.
  • Wednesday 4th November, 10.30am for 11.00am: ‘Caravaggio: the master of light and shadow’ by Shirley Smith
    Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio was a man out of step with his time. Scorning the traditional idealised interpretation of religious subject, he took his models from the streets, painting them realistically and heightening the emotional intensity by his dramatic contrasts of light and shade. Such a revolutionary style was condemned by many as was his equally dramatic personal life and uncontrollable temper which involved him in endless brawls and even murder. This lecture will study the life and works of this enigmatic man and of his influence on later artists.

For further details on the Zoom lecture programme, please call Suzanne on 01909 290488, Gill on 01909 540506 or contact Gordon on Alternatively, visit