Woodside RDA at Eastfield Farm

by | 8 November 2020 | Local Charity, Sherwood, Worksop

In common with most activities, 2020 has been a tough year for the charity – their plans and aspirations having been thwarted by lockdown. Their expenses in feeding the horses stay the same, their bills have soared with the need to buy in anti-viral products, and they had some unexpected veterinary bills for a horse who needed to go to hospital. Yet their potential to raise riding donations has dwindled.
But with a careful choice of riders, a bit of ingenuity and family bubble support they have contrived to carry on offering riding for some of their disabled young clients. Family members have been trained and involved in ways they never thought possible and have kept smiling throughout the unexpected exercise. The fresh air at the farm and a plentiful supply of sanitisation products dotted around the premises, has enabled Covid risk managed sessions to continue.
They are all volunteers at Woodside Farm Stables RDA and the charity would not have been able to achieve any of this without the dedication of their volunteer team, new and old. Hats off and three cheers for their commitment. It would have been a different story without the belief in the charity’s work demonstrated by each one of their grant funders over this difficult period. In particular, the help of the Sir John Eastwood Foundation in donating £10,000 towards development and trotting costs has been a significant boost to the charity’s financial security, giving them confidence and a launch-pad from which to plan. They owe a huge debt of gratitude to them for their faith in their work.
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