Wednesday Memory Group – Movement and Mood

by | 21 September 2023 | Support Group, Worksop

If anything is guaranteed to improve mood, it’s movement. Joyful movement, that is – not necessarily running on a treadmill!

Finding activities we enjoy and can enjoy even more in the company of friends is the key to keeping us fit and healthy for as long as possible. This is where the Wednesday Memory Group’s sports lady, Sian, scores.

When Sian does indoor, seated exercises, she plays jolly music, has a big smile, loads of enthusiasm and a fantastic talent for getting everyone to join in. Sian only visits once a month, but the group is not inactive at other times; member Trevor ably fills in. There’s always plenty of laughter and teasing goes on when he’s leading the session.

What’s important is that no one sits still for the entire meeting.
If you want to stay active and cheerful for as long as possible, do a spot of exercise, or at least try to avoid sitting for too long. Go for a walk if you can, even round the garden can get things moving and lift the spirits. Set your kitchen timer to remind you to get up and walk about for a while. This is just as important for the carer as the person they are looking after.

If you care for someone with dementia or you yourself have a diagnosis and you think the Wednesday Group might be helpful, do get in touch. For more information, contact Jan on 01777 709974 or 07969 180067, or email for the latest on what they are doing and current availability.

The group sometimes has to operate a waiting list but not currently, and although there is a small charge to cover costs your first visit is free.