Tickhill Music Society

by | 20 June 2023 | Music, Worksop

A piano recital at Tickhill Music Society is viewed by many as the highlight of the season, but it is no exaggeration to say that these expectations were exceeded by the recent performance of Victor Lim.
Victor boasts an impressive CV – past contestant at the Young Musician of the Year, and the recipient of many awards since then.

The first half of his programme for the Music Society took members through the familiar territory of Haydn, Bach and Grieg, at every stage demonstrating lightness of touch combined with emphatic delivery of the principal theme.

The second half combined music lesson with music appreciation, as Victor instructed the audience to look out for the interval of a falling third which characterised the three chosen works by Chopin, Faure and Rachmaninoff.

The pieces were played without interruption, and while some of the music may have been unfamiliar the artistry of the performer held the audience spellbound. At the conclusion the unanimous opinion was that this was one of the most memorable concerts in the 45-year history of Tickhill Music Society.