The Worksop Contract Bridge Club needs you!

by | 7 January 2024 | Hobbies, Worksop

Worksop Contract Bridge Club has always existed as a regular venue where people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds could come together for personal social interaction and a game of probably the greatest international card game ever invented. Bridge is even classified as an Olympic Sport.

Before the scourge of the Covid 19 virus imposed the first national lockdown on us, the Club attendance was still very healthy. Lockdown, however, almost finished them off.

Lockdown didn’t destroy Bridge. As a result of our confinement, the boffins of the cyber world started inventing computer bridge games. Initially playing with computer robots, the game was subsequently enhanced using Zoom-type technology to create the opportunity to play with and against real people whom you could see and speak to as normal and what’s more, with people anywhere in the world. One such system is called REALBRIDGE.

REALBRIDGE soon became the preferred form of Bridge for many. It negated the necessity to travel. One could play from the comfort of one’s own home. However, it is not as personally sociable as ‘face to face’ Bridge.

This is where Worksop Contract Bridge Club comes in and it is proud of its social offering.

The mental activity that Bridge involves helps ward off dementia. It will be a sad day when the Worksop Bridge Club has to close due to insufficient members.

They also give free lessons if necessary. Membership is currently free. Interested? Please get in touch. They need you and they may offer just what you need.