The Wednesday Memory Group

by | 13 February 2024 | Support Group, Worksop

February, and most people’s New Year resolutions have been abandoned. Seemed like a good idea to be thinner, fitter, more sociable but somehow, it just didn’t happen.

Maybe you need to try something new. How about volunteering?

All the Wednesday Group organisers are volunteers. No one gets paid and everyone turns up week after week. Why? Because they have a great time? Because it gives some shape to the week? Because it gives added meaning and purpose to their lives? Because other people are pleased to see them and come to rely on them? Yes. All those things and more.

Don’t be fooled by the notion that someone is getting you to work for nothing while they get paid. I’d say, if someone offers you a volunteering opportunity, they could be doing you a real favour and if you volunteer and you don’t enjoy it, you’re probably in the wrong business; try a different one.

Bassetlaw Community and Voluntary Service (BCVS) has heaps of opportunities (01909 476108) and if you’d like to see what they do at the Wednesday Group, ring Jan and pop round. Or, why not start your own group? It might well be easier than you think. Go on; make this year different!

If you care for someone with dementia or you yourself have a diagnosis, or you just want to know more and you think the Wednesday Group might be helpful, do get in touch.

For more information, contact Jan on 01777 709974 or 07969 180067 or email for the latest on what the group is doing and current availability.

They sometimes have to operate a waiting list but not very often and although they charge £10.00 per session to cover costs, your first visit is free.