Thank you from Bassetlaw Food Bank

by | 9 January 2022 | Community Focus, Local Charity, Support Group, Worksop

Bassetlaw Food Bank would like to say a huge thank you to all staff, volunteers and supporters across Bassetlaw!

It has been busy year for the Food Bank, with little sign of slowing down, but thanks to the community in Bassetlaw they are able to meet the demand. Thank you for your generous donations, your time, your enthusiasm and for helping to support the community!

In addition to delivering emergency food parcels to families experiencing food insecurity across Bassetlaw, in 2021 the Food Bank has been able to launch new schemes to address some of the causes and consequences of food insecurity.

They launched their subsidised ‘Fruit and Veg Boxes’ in spring, supported by Priory Fruit Shop, with the boxes delivered by their brilliant volunteers. They have just received funding from Bassetlaw District Council to extend the scheme into 2022. If you are interested in the ‘Fruit and Veg Boxes’, please visit

The Food Bank has also launched its eBay page (they can be found on eBay at ‘bfbretail’), started standing at Retford’s Friday market and has attended several events throughout the year. This all helps raise vital funds for the charity.

To help with all of this, the Food Bank is looking for more volunteers to join the team across several different roles. If you would like to know more about volunteering, drop them an email at

Thank you and happy new year from everyone at Bassetlaw Food Bank!