Supporting young people through transitioning into adult healthcare services in Bassetlaw!

by | 12 July 2021 | Children's Group, Health, Worksop

NHS Bassetlaw Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has been working collaboratively with partners to develop useful health information and advice to help children and young people successfully transition between children’s services to adult care services in Bassetlaw.
Both health and social care professionals have been working in partnership with the Bassetlaw Youth Council and Youth Mayor to develop useful resources, which aim to improve and support experiences on the planned movement of young adults with health needs from child-centred to adult-orientated health care systems by ensuring they can access much needed advice and information when they need it.
A wide range of information has been collated to develop local resources by using the feedback and views of young people in Bassetlaw, which includes guidance on how to access different healthcare services, advice on how to manage medications, key contacts and support mechanisms etc. All of which have been produced into a user friendly leaflet and film designed to provide practical advice and help reduce any concerns or anxiety that may be experienced by a young person, carer or family member at this crucial time.
Dr Eric Kelly, Chair of NHS Bassetlaw CCG and local GP said “The transfer of health care for children and young people into adult services can often be stressful and difficult. In many cases, the health needs of young people will have been met by the same people who have looked after them for as long as the child or young person can remember.
“We recognise that as young people reach adulthood they ‘transition’ to an adult healthcare environment where they may be faced with having to consult with several different healthcare teams and adult social care services. This transitional time can often be confusing for those experiencing change especially as the more complex the needs of the child or young person may be.”
Both the leaflet and film are available via our the CCG’s website by visiting