Still Me

by | 17 May 2022 | Social Group, Worksop

‘Still Me’ is a friendship group every Wednesday at 2.00pm to 4.00pm, which meets at the Salvation Army building, Newcastle Avenue, Worksop S80 1ET.

The group is suitable for all, with a focus on those with dementia (including Working Age Dementia) and their families and carers. ‘Still Me’ aims to bring people together to share and support one another. Join them for a cuppa and a warm welcome, they also play games and sing and listen to music.

One of the group, a 94-year-old lady called Gladys went to the group with a sort of poem about how she never really got to know her brother well due to being evacuated during the war and subsequent life changes. Here we share it:

The Life Story

This is a life history; it’s written in the name
His story, his life and never two the same
Then we have a mystery, my story oft’ unknown
Solitary people loving all alone.

We cannot know the details of another person’s past
Things that cannot be revealed until that soul has passed
Into another realm which yet we cannot see
Not all are true believers and yet it has to be.

Soul, spark of life, energy or what you will;
When this life ends the spark is vital still
And soars to places we can’t even dream,
To join the myriad sparks flying like a stream.

A comet tail of power and energy
Made up of the life that goes from you and me.
On death; that life can never die
And we are still remembered by folk like you and I.

On judgement day we’ll take our given place,
Account for our time spent here with the human race.
We’ll find our loved ones, some long from us gone
And there give thanks to God that life goes on.

The group is open to any one who wants to attend, there’s no need to have a dementia diagnosis. We chat a lot, play games, sing and listen to music as well as tea and biscuits.

For more information please contact 01909 475806 or email