Rotary Club of Worksop

by | 12 December 2022 | Rotary, Worksop

It’s been a busy summer and autumn for the Rotary Club of Worksop, raising funds for Aquabox and local charities in and around Worksop.

On 14th August, they had a very early Sunday morning standing at Oldcoates Car Boot Sale with large quantities of goods donated by family and friends and raised £320 for their charities.

On 23rd August at the Worksop Beach event in the old Market Square, Rotary members spent an enjoyable day distributing free books to young children and chatting to their parents and passers-by.

The following day, they assisted as stewards at the walk-through Worksop supporting National Ukraine Day. This was followed by an open-air party for the walkers and their families.

The Rotary assisted by serving teas at an event run by Oasis – a support organisation in the area – and by distributing free books to the children attending a family party the following day.

During October, they have raised funds for Aquabox and other Rotary charities by holding a very successful ‘Swing into Autumn’ evening, with entertainment provided by the local u3a Swing Band.