Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust: The Dormouse Project

by | 6 February 2023 | Wildlife, Worksop

Lots of exciting things are happening on the wildlife front in Nottinghamshire, and not least at Idle Valley.

The Wildlife Trust has a programme of reintroductions planned which, it is expected, will benefit both the introduced animals and their new environment. The most high-profile of these is the return of beavers, released ‘to harness the power of natural processes to transform what is already one of the best inland nature-watching places in the region’.

And what excitement they’ve generated, especially since it was discovered the first lots of kits has been born there!

Perhaps less well known, but no less successful, is the Dormouse Reintroduction Project. This has been going on for several years, led by hardworking and enthusiastic Lorna Griffiths, assisted by a dedicated team of volunteers who have monitored, weighed, measured and fed countless dormice over many months.

Lorna will be the speaker at the North Notts Local Group of Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust’s February meeting at the Idle Valley centre. She will explain why dormice have been introduced to local woodlands and how they are getting on. The meeting starts at 7.15pm on Thursday 9th February; £3.00 entry includes tea and biscuits. All welcome; no need to book.

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