Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust – North Notts Local Group

by | 7 March 2024 | Wildlife, Worksop

Wildflower Gardening is the subject of this month’s talk at the Idle Valley Centre for the North Notts Local Group of Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust, and it will be given by Meadowmaker, Ed Cook.

Several members had asked for Ed, having heard him speak previously. They described him as ‘inspirational.’ His talk loosely follows last month’s exploration by Kieron Huston of what our gardens can tell us about the changing fortunes of insect populations and the role of gardens in maintaining them.

Ed will update members on the state of wildflowers in the UK and describe how climate change and habitat loss etc have affected them. He will tell how residential gardeners can help and show the results of some UK studies that have demonstrated just how much difference they can make!

Additionally, Ed will explain about meadowmaking. He will showcase some star wildflower species and he will bring his wildflower show stall so members can see and buy some of the plants he mentions in his talk.

This will be an excellent chance for nature lovers to find out how they can best help the insect world around them. Hopefully many will learn how to make their gardens more wildflower and insect friendly, and boost the numbers in residential gardens.

The meeting will start at 7.15pm on Thursday 14th March. Admission £3.00 includes tea, coffee and biscuits. All welcome; no need to book. For more information contact Jan Williamson on 01777 709974, 07969 180067 or