Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust – North Notts Group

by | 2 February 2024 | Wildlife, Worksop

Everyone knows how important bees are, not just for making honey but for pollinating all manner of crops. Without bees and the many other insects that go around pollinating our fruit and vegetable plants, our flowers and wildflowers, we would, at the very least, see a serious decline in the produce available to us.

It may not be something we have thought very much about. There’s plenty of choice in the supermarkets. But we should think about it. No conscientious car owner in days gone by was without a bottle of fly squash remover to clean the dead insects from the front of the car. Who needs that now?

We need to understand what’s happening to our insects and do our bit to ensure their survival. February’s talk at Idle Valley Centre, ‘Bees and Other Insects’, will be given by ecologist Kieron Huston. The focus of Kieron’s talk will be on what our gardens can tell us about the changing fortunes of insects and how gardens contribute to maintaining insect populations locally.

Kieron is eminently qualified to guide us through the complexities of the changes in insect populations. He works for Derbyshire Wildlife Trust and has done for 20 years, mainly dealing with development proposals and their impact on wildlife as well as carrying out around 500 surveys of local wildlife sites over the years. He is also Records Co-ordinator for Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Entomological Society.

The Trust is delighted to welcome him to the Idle Valley. The meeting will start at 7.15pm on Thursday 8th February. Admission is £3.00 and includes tea, coffee and biscuits. All welcome; no need to book. For more information contact Jan Williamson 01777 709974, 07969 180067 or