Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust

by | 5 January 2023 | Social Group, Wildlife, Worksop

Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust would like to wish all its members, supporters and those who care for and about nature and wildlife a Happy New Year.

Such groups never been more important. As the pressure of urbanisation encroaches on the natural world, the North Notts Local Group’s members’ New Year resolutions will be to monitor activities in the local area and express concerns to those who can have an impact: our MP, local council leaders etc.

The Wildlife Trust does a wonderful job in this respect, but we must not leave it all to them; it’s important that we make our individual voices heard too.

The North Notts Local Group of Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust will do its best to inspire and inform through a series of talks. The next one, on Thursday 12th January, will be ‘Birds and Climate Change’ by David Parkin.

David said: “Despite the protestations of ‘climate deniers’, it is now abundantly clear, firstly, that the world is warming up and, secondly, that the emissions of ‘greenhouse gases’ such a carbon dioxide and methane have a substantial responsibility. This talk will review the evidence for both the phenomenon and its causes before exploring the consequences for some of our best-known birds. Warmer winters allow increased survival of some birds as well as changes in their distribution, while earlier springs are already having a significant effect on many of our common woodland birds. These will be discussed with one eye on possible future colonists and extinctions.”

David is an engaging speaker and a renowned expert on birds, and much of what he will tell the group is about Nottinghamshire.

The talk starts at 7.30pm at Idle Valley Centre on Thursday 12th January. Admission is £3.00, which includes tea, coffee and biscuits. All welcome; no need to book.

For more information contact Jan Williamson on 01777 709974, 07969 180067 or