Nottinghamshire Historic Churches Trust – Ride and Stride

by | 2 September 2023 | Community Event, Community facility, Local Charity, Worksop

Founded in 1986, Nottinghamshire Historic Churches Trust makes grants to churches and chapels of all Christian denominations for essential restoration and repairs. The grants offered by the Trust are crucial in encouraging people to raise the often-daunting sums of money required for maintenance and repairs.

A large part of the Trust’s income comes from the proceeds of the sponsored Ride+Stride event, held each year on the second Saturday in September – this year, 9th September. Similar trusts exist in most other counties in England, and some of these will be holding their own sponsored events on the same day.

Nationally, the Ride+Stride raises well over one million pounds a year for churches and chapels, and for the various Historic Churches Trusts.

How the sponsored Ride+Stride works

Whichever way you choose – by riding, walking, wheelchair, or by car – and even those who are in Church (making drinks and / or refreshments for visitors) are invited to seek sponsors – riders and striders for the number of churches and chapels visited, and recorders for the number of visitors to their Church whilst on duty, or the number of hours spent, or jobs done (it’s a good opportunity to clean out the vestry cupboards, or the linen cupboard, or to sort out the books, etc.).

The money raised by each participant is then shared equally between the place of worship nominated by the riders, striders, recorders, and the Trust. Everyone can plan their own route, using the list of participating churches and chapels provided to you before the day. Only the places on the list should be visited.

In Nottinghamshire places of worship of all Christian denominations can be open – or it is possible just to have the register available in a prominent place on the day.

For further information please contact Margaret on 07757 800919 or