Muddy Fork

by | 5 November 2022 | Health, Local Charity, Support Group, Worksop

The gardeners have had an incredible summer season at Muddy Fork. It’s not only the plants that are growing and thriving, but also the community. Everyone there feels fortunate to have wonderful links within the local community helping and cheering them on.

The group is also growing its own community with numbers rising, friendships developing, support increasing and a sense of community continuing and strengthening. They have even sent in a photo of a few new members!
Harri has been with Muddy Fork nearly a year now (it may feel longer to some) and is still loving the Muddy Fork life. The group is extremely happy to announce a new member of staff: Pete.

Harri and Pete are a great team, with different skills and knowledge but a shared belief in the project and what Muddy Fork does. Pete brings with him a wealth of gardening experience and (much to Harri’s delight) he loves digging, building and the cold weather – in contrast to Harri, who likes seed sowing, planting and the sun. You will often find them laughing and chatting down the garden.

This year, the new cut flower patch has been a great success. There have been dahlias, sunflowers, cornflower, straw flower, rudbeckia, cosmos and sweet peas aplenty. The bees have almost been as delighted with the cosmos as Harri.

The gardeners have managed to get winter potatoes planted up in the tunnels, hopefully in time for Christmas day. There are also onions, garlic, cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli and kale – winter salad growing and thriving. The raspberries have been delicious this year and are coming to an end now due to the colder weather. The tomatoes and cucumbers have been power houses producing every week, but this year’s award for biggest producers through the summer months goes to the runner beans; they have been amazing and so tasty!

Muddy Fork is an inclusive garden open to anyone who feels they could benefit from what’s on offer. Please get in touch (details below) if you feel this is something that could help you or someone you know. The garden is a safe place where anyone can join in as much or as little as they want. You do not have to be a gardener or know anything about gardening; everyone learns together.

Muddy Fork is always happy to welcome visitors to the garden. Look for the robin in the corner of the Idle Valley car park. For more information, contact Harri on 07421 356717 or